№ 2 · Debbie Millman

‘I don’t believe in work-life balance’

I had the pleasure to meet the one and only Debbie Millman at last year’s TYPO Berlin conference. Debbie is a designer and brand expert who has worked with some of the biggest clients, she is an author, a teacher, a former president of the AIGA, as well as a podcaster. The born New Yorker has an incredible vita, but is probably best known for the Design Matters podcast which she runs for 13 years already!

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№ 1 · Jonathan Barnbrook

‘Interesting work is always a few individuals responding honestly to the world.’

In my premier episode, I had the huge opportunity to talk to Jonathan Barnbrook, who is a well-known, uncompromising graphic designer. He is one of UK’s best creatives, known mainly for his collaborations with superstars like Damien Hirst and David Bowie, but he and his team have so much more to offer.

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Introducing Creative FM with Ivo Gabrowitsch

In this special pre-episode I give a little introduction into this new project as well as into myself, Ivo Gabrowitsch, in case you are wondering who you are listening to and why this podcast exists. If you aren’t interested in that, feel free to start with the actual Episode 1 instead, where I will be talking with the designer Jonathan Barnbrook.

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